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Chris G.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Chris G.

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[23 Feb 2008|04:27pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Just now completed "The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse" on Super Nintendo. I've played it a few times before, of course, but this is the first time I actually took the time and patience to beat it :-D

The game is fairly short, simple; not too hard, but fun!

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[15 Sep 2007|03:55pm]
[ mood | good ]

If you're out there in LJ land *pokes* Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today vidmaker_19 I hope it's a great one! *hugs* :-)

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Happy 4th of July! [04 Jul 2007|04:42pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July!! :-)

Enjoy it and let freedom ring!!


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[04 Apr 2007|04:56am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Can love keep Big Lots? Sequim residents hope store will stay

ArticleCollapse )

Well, I emailed my letter concerning the matter just a bit ago.

We've got roughly a month and a half until it shutters.

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[28 Mar 2007|01:11am]
[ mood | happy ]

Sending out well wishes for a very Happy Birthday to jakethebear Hope it's a great one! *Hugs* :)

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Another update on Port Angeles High School Vandalism. [18 Mar 2007|12:15am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Port Angeles High School was vandalized twice, court records reveal.Collapse )

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Sequim's "Big Lots" bargain store to shutter. [16 Mar 2007|05:50am]
[ mood | sad ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm kinda sad to see this store close even if it is located in Sequim (next city over) it was always fun for my mom and I to look around in, they have such a great variety and you almost can't beat the prices! Their slogan - "Big Lots, brand names close-out prices." It will be missed, the Sequim community still needs this store. I was a bit surprised when I first saw this, but than again, not really. It's too bad.

I do like our Port Angeles Dollar Store and Dollar Tree, but I don't go in those very often, well I don't/didn't go into Big Lots much at all either. Monday was the first time in a very long time that my mom and I went in there (hey, she was finally feeling well enough to go out, well sort of).

The target closure date is set for May 15th.

Big Lots has been in Sequim's QFC shopping center for more than six years, but that's just how competition goes, I suppose.

To have a larger (more readable) view of the artical, click the same picture provided in this link: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=4ge5hkp

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Updates on Port Angeles High School Vandalism: arrests have been made. [16 Mar 2007|05:14am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Long and sad news entry. Read only if desired.Collapse )

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No more Bonkers... :-( [10 Mar 2007|02:52am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

They ruined Toon Disney channel a long time ago (at least for me and a number of others) and now this:

Bonkers has not aired for a little over a couple of years on Toon Disney. It was set to air this coming Friday (March 16th) as a mini marathon of 4 episodes (as they've been recently doing with some of the older shows), according to the schedulers on Toon Zone and TV guides, yes I checked the TV guides and it was there from 11am - 1pm (the times on my Satelite guide). Well I was just now taking a browse on Toon Zone, now to my surprise they redid the line-up and took Bonkers off, replaced it with The Legend of Tarzan. I took another look at Zap2it's TV grid and Bonkers is gone! I was really looking forward to this, so I could see Bonkers again. I even had a blank tape so I could record it, but I can't now, and I ain't happy about that. Their trend with last minute schedule changes with TDis really disappoint me!

Okay, on the good side I did get Pepper Ann (not a big favorite of mine, but it hasn't aired in so long) and 101 Dalmations: The Series, but Bonkers was the main one I was waiting for. Though I am glad I got to record 101.

*sighs* Why?! :-(

Oh well. My little rant is over. Sorry for that.

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Baby, among smallest to survive, released from hospital. [01 Mar 2007|09:23pm]
[ mood | good ]

I was actually looking to post a different article about something very breathtaking that I saw on TV this evening, but it seems that they don't have anything posted on it, or not yet at least. I got to looking at some of the older news topics and found this one posted on February 20th to be a miracle!

*Quote from article. "MIAMI (AP) - A premature baby that doctors say spent less time in the womb than any other surviving infant is to be released from a Florida hospital Tuesday.

Amillia Sonja Taylor was just 9½ inches long and weighed less than 10 ounces when she was born Oct. 24. She was delivered 21 weeks and six days after conception. Full-term births come after 37 to 40 weeks."


This is truly a miracle baby!

I myself was born premature at only 2 pounds, 8 ounces.

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'America's Oldest Worker' Still Going Strong at 104. [05 Dec 2006|10:35pm]
[ mood | Bit on the lazy side ]

I found this article while looking through the Sunday Seattle Times. Really enjoyed the article, it was good news to hear(for once). What a hard worker and amazing man, Waldo McBurney is!


This link below is fairly the same, but has a neat picture slide show with a few more photos.


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[03 Oct 2006|05:05am]
[ mood | awake ]

Recently I got two packages in the mail from Wal*Mart.com, sending me another copy each of the DWD and TS DVD sets. We sent them back the other duplicates they mailed to me last time and then it's like they mail them right back :P We called them and got it straitened out I think. They are supposed to be sending us something in the mail to return them. I was kinda wondering why a charge of $6.11 for Shipping from them was on my online bank statement. My money has been refunded and hopefully it's all taken care of now.

Went to a skin doctor in Sequim with my dad (he had some skin conditions to get checked too) last week to take a look at my four black moles. Have one on my stomach and three on my upper back. I was glad to hear that they are not cancerous.

Been playing Zelda: Wind Waker lately. I'm now up to the Tower of the Gods.

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I'm a bit upset with Wal*Mart.com :-( [01 Sep 2006|06:25pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm not upset with anyone here at all though :-)

You see I ordered my copies of TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck volume 1 DVDs from Wal*Mart.com at around midnight on the 29th. I also ordered a video game. I payed nearly $17.00 extra so that I could get 1-day shipping. I recieved the game yesterday, and today was the deadline of when the DVDs were supposed to come in, but never arrived. So we called UPS and they never got it, then called Wal*Mart. They didn't know what happened, they either never shipped it or lost it. They are refunding the extra money I payed for fast shipping, but due to the weekend and holiday, it's now not going to come in until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. So, I'm just a little disappointed about that part, but I guess it gives me something to look forward to nonetheless.

I had a hunch feeling that something was up when I saw this message when trying to track the packing online from UPS:

*UPS has received shipper's billing information electronically. Billing information received does not indicate shipment pickup or drop-off. Please contact the shipper for more details.

Unless I missed it, I don't believe the other package had this tracking message. I still waited till the deadline day, to be sure.

Hey, I understand that mistakes happen. Bummer though!

They didn't have the game I wanted at the Wal*Mart here in town. So I thought I'd just order the DVDs along with my game.

But I'll certainly still be getting them.

It was nice to be able to play S.T.U.N Runner on my GameCube yesterday when my Midway Arcade Treasures 3 came in.

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[30 Aug 2006|12:46am]
[ mood | content ]

We returned to Port Angeles at about 3pm on the 27th. Been home for a few days.

Tammy is doing very well from surgery. She should be near/at full recovery after this week is over.

While down in Ritzville my dad took the girls to get new clothes for school in Moses Lake. I went along and while down there I bought an HP wireless optical mouse at Wal*Mart, which is very handy, a great improvement from the old one. I also picked up this mini wolf & mate figurine at the Shell Station across from the hotel. I have it on top of my TV, and it looks quite nice there too.

I ordered my copies of the TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck volume 1 DVD sets on the 29th at around midnight from Wal*Mart.com. I paid for 1 day shipping, so they should come in tomorrow, if not, then the next day!! I also ordered Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for my GameCube, mainly so I could play S.T.U.N Runner.

The game should be here by morning I'm guessing, because I recieved an email confirmation about it being shipped earlier today, but I haven't got one for the DVD's yet, so I think those won't arrive until the 31st.

I'm really looking forward to this! :-)

Here's Ultimate Disney's complete review for the TaleSpin set:


And here's the one for the Darkwing Duck set:


Sadly it seems that the TaleSpin set does not include the unedited Pilot "Plunder and Lightning". Rebecca's song is missing. It's not the original two hour movie special, as most (and I) were hoping for.

Regardless of a few drawbacks these are going to be great sets to have in our DVD collections!

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[24 Aug 2006|11:26pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Tammy's surgery was successful yesterday. It ended up being stones she had near her gal bladder that needed to be removed and at the same time she also got the hernia fixed. We were at the hospital for quite a while yesterday afternoon visiting her in the hospital room. From just getting out of surgery mostly all she really wanted to do was sleep. We eventually left and went back to the hotel so she could get some rest. Thayne stayed with her, until he needed to get back home to the kids for the night.

Tammy stayed overnight at the hospital and came home today at around 2pm.

I got up at around 9:30am. My dad and I went to the house to pick up Kayla and Sam, so we could have lunch at the Blue Bike, but Natalie's volleyball schedual changed and we had some time to kill. I took my nephew, Sam, swimming at the pool for about an hour while we were waiting for Natalie to get done with her volleyball pratice. We picked her up at the gym at 12:30 and went to get our lunch. I had a BBQ burger with their homemade chips and a pear jet tea. After lunch we went back to the hotel to pick up my mom, stopped at Harvest Foods for minute to get some easy foods that Tammy could eat, then went to the house to visit Tammy and thayne up until about 5:30. She can't do very much right now, pretty much she just wants to take it easy and rest on the couch. She should be getting her strength up in about a few days.

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[22 Aug 2006|11:36pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I got up at around 11am this morning to make the trip with my parents down to Ritzville, WA to be with my older sister Tammy during her surgery at the hospital in Pasco, WA. She will be leaving early tommarow morning to go down there to have the surgery.

We arrived in Ritzville at about 7pm. We just passed Tammy and the kids driving by the Best Western hotel right when we got into town. My dad and I checked in. We all went to are rooms, Tammy and the kids, came up to visit with us for a while. My parents and I had a bluecheese burger from the Blue Bike Cafe for dinner, the kids each had something from McDonalds. Shortly after I ate, I went swimming at the pool for about an hour, got some snacks across the street at the gas station. Some ice cream bars, poptarts, iced tea, and a sobe adrenaline rush, for me, and a few things for my mom and dad. Decided I'd come down to the hotel's guest computer for a bit. I will probably have to be up by at least 10am tommarow to go down and meet my sister at the hospital while she's in surgery. I should be at the hospital most the day.

Haven't got to see Thayne yet. He was working, but I will see him tommarow when we go down to the hospital.

I'm going to get back to my room and relax for the night.

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[16 Jun 2006|09:42pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

As of 6pm last night I am now finished with school for the summer! I turned in my finished notebook and took the final exam for my ECE class. Not sure how I did on the exam, but I don't think I did too bad...hopefully not. Yvette said she would email me when everything was graded so that I could come up to her office at the college and pick up my notebook and grade, and see how I did on the exam. I got my participation video tape back on our conference yesterday.

Last week I had my last day working at Serenity House and my last participation at the EduCare Center. They were really sorry to see me go at Serenity House and even threw me a small "thank you" party. I can always go back to working there if I decide I want to, it's open, but I'm going to be working with Kathy to try and get me a new job, and learn some new job skills. I had an enjoyable last day at the EduCare Center. I really enjoyed all the time I got to spend there working with the kids.

Now I can just kick back and relax, nothing I have to do for quite some time! :)

I found out early this morning that we switched to the "Everything Pak" on Dish Network, so we now basically get every channel they carry.

My niece, Kayla, is flying down to Seattle tommarow and my sister is going to drive down and pick her up and bring her to Port Angeles. She's going to be over here visiting till August 16th.

A few days ago my Uncle Tony had a lazer brain surgery in Seattle to help with his excessive shaking called "gamma knife surgery" (no cutting is involved). It's all done by lazer. All went well for him and they followed my dad home after he got released from the hospital (my dad was up there with him while he was having the surgery) ,so that they could pay us a short visit. They only stayed overnight at a motel, but I did get to see my Uncle Tony and Aunt Celeste for a short bit, it's been a long time since I've had a change to see them.

Here's the picture I got in the mail with the "thank you" card Deborah sent me not too long ago:


You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

She took this picture of me while she was up here visiting her mom (My Aunt Mary) in the hospital, and we had time to do some walking in town. I love this pictue, I just think it turned out great :)

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[11 Jun 2006|01:52pm]
Borrowed from spats_bear and leepengyu

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me -- it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this in your journal so that I may leave a word about you.
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Broken sewer pipe in Port Angeles! [26 May 2006|09:49pm]
[ mood | good ]

"PORT ANGELES - Repair crews are making progress on a broken sewer pipe in Port Angeles."


Wow! Very sad to hear. Looks like the beaches are closed for the time being.

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Quick Thinking By 9-Year-Old Saves Several Lives. [26 May 2006|09:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

"PIERCE COUNTY - Quick thinking by a 9-year-old boy saved his family from a sure disaster."


Kids really can make a difference! I was very glad when I heard this on komo 4 news this evening. It sure is great to hear some "good" news once in a while. You hear very little of it on TV.

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